It’s Magnolia season, and the best spot for watching the pink and white flowers bloom is the Horticultural Gardens (Landbohøjskolens have) in Frederiksberg. This green oasis is hidden between old buildings, which constitutes the University of Copenhagen. The garden is a wonderful place to follow the change of the seasons.

Magnolia Bloom Season Spring Forår Landbohøjskolens have Frederiksberg København Copenhagen Copenhej
White and Pink Magnolia in Landbohøjskolens Have, Frederiksberg

The Magnolia trees in Copenhagen bloom between April-May, typically before other trees leaf out.

In front of the National Gallery of Denmark, two magnificent Magnolia trees frame the entrance of the historicist building. The huge trees with its white flowers reaching above the museum roof is an impressive sight.

Beautiful Magnolia trees can also be found in The Botanical Gardens in central Copenhagen and in Assistens Cemetery.


Det er Magnolia sæson, og det bedste sted at se de hvide og lyserøde træer blomstre er Landbohøjskolens haveFrederiksberg. Denne grønne oase er skjult mellem gamle bygninger, som udgør Københavns Universitet. Landbohøjskolens have er et vidunderligt sted at følge hvordan planterne skifter med årstiderne.

Magnoliatræerne i København blomstrer i april-maj, typisk før de andre træer springer ud.

Magnolia Bloom Season Spring Forår Landbohøjskolens have Frederiksberg København Copenhagen Copenhej
Pink Magnolia in Landbohøjskolens have, Frederiksberg

Foran Statens Museum for Kunst står to storslåede Magnolia-træer som indrammer indgangen til den historicistiske museumsbygning. De enorme træer, med sin hvide blomster der når over taget, er et imponerende syn.

Smukke Magnolia træer kan også findes i Botanisk have i indre København og på Assistens Kirkegård.

First one – Old one

Searching my storage, I stumbled upon two photos from the same 120mm roll, shot with my Holga five years ago. I was new to Copenhagen and walked unfamiliar streets to snap pictures and to get to know my new surroundings.

Photos taken with Holga cameras often turn out a bit strange and overexposed due to the poor camera construction. I like the distortion and the strange colours, all frames turn out “bad” / interesting in their own way.

To the left – The Little Mermaid and the SMK building.

To the right – I do not remember taking this photo, but I love it! A pink sky, a roof and a floating forest-like shape in between. I have been trying to figure out what the locations are, but my memory is failing me.